Wood Veneer

Revealing the Inner beauty of Trees for you….

We have an inventory of over 150 species of Wood Veneer available in various colours, cuts and figures sourced from across the globe. Our extensive stock is available throughout the year offering premium quality and competitive prices.

The most economical use of this valuable raw material with the maximum exploitation is ensured by slicing the valuable wood into thin veneer leaves. It is both economical & ecological to use veneer instead of solid wood boards as these thin leaves produced using the same raw material can surface thousands of square feet of area.

Our exacting state‐of‐the‐art wood veneer production caters to the endless design possibilities and creative uses of wood across interior infrastructure industry. As per the customer requirements we can offer veneers in the following forms.

Raw Veneer

We stock only the finest quality of both Domestic and Imported Veneers in varied thickness and widths from 4″ to 18″ depending on the type of wood.Upon request, lengths up to 8′ (Random Widths) can usually be supplied.

Spliced Veneer(Layon)

Our spliced veneers are made from high-quality raw veneer in our factory in NCR. We generally offer both urea type as well as conventional adhesive veneer jointing adapting various techniques like Book / Slip / Diamond matching or mismatching to serve your design needs.

Fleece Backed Veneer

Fleece backed veneers conform to your ideas and special requirements.These veneers are highly flexible yet strong. They are suitable for covering
multi-dimensional shapes and challenging substrate and for many other uses to compliment your out of the box designs.

Veneer Edge Banding

Our Veneer edge banding is a perfect solution to give plywood or veneered panel a clean solid‐wood look. Veneer edge banding is an easy solution, made of real wood, pre‐sanded and available in various widths ranging from 22 – 65 mm. We can also provide customized strips as per your specified sizes.

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