Birch, Yellow

Birch, Yellow

Trade Name

Yellow Birch, American Birch, Sliced Birch

Similar Woods

Hard Maple, Sycamore, Finish Birch


Canada, USA


"North Eastern parts of the USA from Maine through the New England States to Wisconsin as well as in the south-east of Canada in Ontario and Quebec. Large occurrences ensuring a constant supply with veneers in big quantities. The tree can reach a height of 30 m and a diameter up to 60 cm. It develops a brown heart which can reach up to 90 % of the diameter For the veneer production, however; only those logs with small hearts are of interest. Only in particular cases, logs with big hearts are produced to veneers as ""Red Birch"". The name ""Yellow Birch"" does not originate from the rather white colour of the wood but from the straw-coloured bark."


Frequently used veneers by the furniture industry. Despite the light colour the annual rings are strongly and distinctly marked which leads to an even but still elegantly structured colour after surface treatment. Also popular in the USA as lumber used in furniture and chair productions.