Curly Maple

Curly Maple

Trade Name

Cury Maple, Figured Maple

Similar Woods

Figured European Maple, Figured Sycamore


North America


"Curl", also figure, is a special form of growth occurring in only 2 to 5 % of all Maple logs. This not only holds true for the Hard Maple, but also to the Soft Maple as well as all other types of the Maple species. Range is the same as with the common types of Maple. Confusion open prevails as to the difference between the Curly and the Quilted Maple. Curl is the figured form; Quilt is the pommele type.


Since Curly Maple belongs to the more expensive species and also is not often to be found, use is restricted to exclusive furniture, interior decorating and objets d'art, e. g. writing utensils, bowls, etc. Due to its rareness, this species cannot be produced in quantities such as for large furniture production, etc. Can be manufactured as sliced and peeled veneer