Oak White, American

Oak White, American

Trade Name

White Oak, American White Oak

Similar Woods

Chestnut, European White Oak


North America


Throughout North America but mainly in the Eastern and Mid- West states. Known especially as suppliers of high quality veneer are the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. Since there are over 80 different species of Oak in the USA there are many mixed genera and varieties. The diameters are smaller than those of European Oak.


The White Oak can be used universally in all branches of the wood- working industry because it is most resistant to external influences. This is why it is held in high esteem in the veneer and lumber trades due to its expressive texture. It has great significance in the USA as stave wood (for whiskey). Used as veneer and lumber in all branches of the furniture, door and panel industries as well as for making parquet floors and stairs.


Light Brown