Rauli, Lenga

Rauli, Lenga

Trade Name

Rauli, Coigue, Lenga, Patagonian Cherry

Similar Woods

European Maple, European Cherry


South America


Mainly in Chile up to Patagonia, the most southern point of South America, where there are larger stands. The tree may have up to 100 cm in diameter and grows up to 40 m high and 20 m thereof can be with- out any branches. Nothofagus belongs to the Beech family.


Used for furniture and sometimes also for interior architectural work. At the beginning of the nineties, when solid wood was totally in, Rauli lumber was very much in demand in Central Europe. In South America, it is a good and popular commercial wood for many uses. In the past, Rauli was used as a substitute veneer for Cherry now and then, later on as Patagonian Cherry. Today, it is seen as a veneer wood of its own.


Light Brown