Sycamore plain

Sycamore plain

Trade Name

Sycamore, European Sycamore

Similar Woods

White Beech, Hard Maple.


Central Europe, Atlantic coast to the Ukraine.


Frequently found in Central Europe. ln the past, most logs in the special "figured" form were bought in Great Britain. Since the markets of the East European States have been opened the woodworking industry has been using the large occurrences for purchases there, i. e. of Sycamore plain as well as in its figured form. Black pin knots occur frequenthr; these are so hard they can damage the knife causing scratches. This is why such pin knots are drilled out during veneer production.


High quality veneer for architectural and furniture purposes. Generally used for all wood products where particular importance is attached to the white color. Very popular for solid tables in pubs, also used for sports equipment and tool handles.


Light Brown