Revealing the Inner Beauty of Trees for you

Hardly any product made from a natural resource is as varied and versatile as a wood veneer! The unique attributes found in wood such as colour, texture and grain are brought forward by the state-of-the-art veneer production process, which includes cutting of lumber with different techniques to enhance and highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

To deliver world-class wood veneers to our clients in the Indian Interior Infrastructure Industry, we stock veneers of different cuts, colours and grains made from a diverse range of indigenous wood species around the world. Our team of experts carefully handpick the best quality wood veneers suitable for all design possibilities.

Time and again, quality wood veneer has proved to be the most reliable and eco-friendly option that instantly elevates your designs to the next level. We currently provide Natural Veneers, Dyed Veneers, Fumed Veneers and Reconstituted Veneers, in Spliced Layon, Fleece-backed and Veneered Panel forms. All our veneers can be laminated on Plywood and Panel Boards of your choice.



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Natural Wood Veneer

Vol. 01

Natural Wood Veneer

Vol. 02

Dyed Natural Veneer

True Color®

Fumed Natural Veneer

Reconstituted Veneer



Enhancing your living spaces with the Beauty of Wood

An interior with a quality wood finish immediately elevates your mood and makes you feel at home!

Wood Panel, which is made up of wood veneer adhered to the surface of Plywood, MDF or HDF, is a product designed especially to bring out the warmth and earthiness of wood to the corners of your living spaces.

Our fantastic veneer collection laminated on the equally top-quality collection of imported boards and panels make the ultimate product that complements your design ideas. Our sourced panel products are available in various thickness and weights. We also make sure to use 100% emission-free adhesives for all our products, making them as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our high-quality panels can be matched with existing or new doors, door frames and skirtings to ensure unity of colour and pattern. We also offer bespoke solutions which are fit for your purpose as panels can be made with any choice of Veneers available in our inventory.

Available panelling products in our inventory are Finsa Boards, Plywood, Pre-lam Boards and Veneered Pre-Lam.

Please Note

*The wood sample must be considered indicative, regarding both color and texture, being this material natural and also modifiable with light in the course of time.

 *Wood Veneers may alter their color over time due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) fading or aging of the wood. Use only non-yellowing finishes coating UV inhibitors to limit such fading.

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