About Us

Coast to Coast (Pvt) Ltd has established itself as one of the biggest Wood Veneer suppliers in the Indian Construction and Interior Infrastructure Industry.

Our customer goodwill is the product of our regular supply of quality Wood Veneers sourced from different parts of the world for the past one and a half decades. Our clients include many well-established market leaders across the country, including wood veneer-faced panel manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, architects, interiors designers and contractors.

Our company offers a broad range of raw materials in wood, sourced from renewable resources. Major products include high-quality natural wood veneers made from exotic species of wood, dyed wood veneers, spliced veneers, fleece-backed veneers, veneered plywood, boards and panels, as well as lumber, sourced from the various coasts around the world.

Our Company operates from many parts of the country, while headquartered in New Delhi.