Dyed Oak Walnut – 67

Please Note

*The wood sample must be considered indicative, regarding both color and texture, being this material natural and also modifiable with light in the course of time.

 *Wood Veneers may alter their color over time due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) fading or aging of the wood. Use only non-yellowing finishes coating UV inhibitors to limit such fading.

Dyed Oak Walnut – 67

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Wood Species Name: Dyed Oak Walnut
Common Name: European Oak
Genus: Quercus
Family: Fagaceae
Region: Europe
Grain type: Vertical/ Horizontal

Character: Oak veneers have beautiful and distinct vertical grains that look the best in furnitures and interior woodwork. The wood is very resistent to insects and fungal attack because of its high tannin content which makes it the perfect choice for home renovation designs.

Best Uses: Architectural Millwork, Fine Furniture, Panels